“I've always enjoyed working with Erin and have referred her to friends and family with confidence. She's attentive, always one step ahead and genuinely wants her clients to be happy.”


“She came over to my house yesterday... she went through all my clothes and put together outfits for me.  Like, what I'm wearing now, she put this together for me. I look pretty damn good!"


"You don't have to get your act together,

she will get it together for you."


“Having worked with Erin from early on in her career she has continued to impress me with her work ethic, attention to detail and unparalleled charisma.”

"Erin has been phenomenal at helping me with a variety of aspects of both my personal and professional life, splitting my time between Dallas and Phoenix.  She has an uncanny ability to always be there to help me in a pinch as well as anticipating when I'm going to wind up there.  She's talented, savvy, hip, cool...she's basically the ultimate wing-gal."


"Erin has been the biggest life saver for me and my family!  She has completely restyled my husband’s wardrobe, which was about 20 years overdue, and continues to keep him up to date in fashion.  She has saved me on several occasions, from last minute birthday gifts to prepping for social events.  She will go to any extreme to make your life easier.  I live a much more stress free life, knowing I can count on her for anything!"